About Us

Mission Statement

The Eastern Shoshone Department of Education strives to achieve an increase in leadership qualities by supporting all students through the promotion of higher education. We provide assistance to help enrolled members attain their educational goals, increase training opportunities, job skills and increase employment opportunities. By providing educational opportunities to our membership we will strengthen our government and tribal programs and ensure a healthy, constructive environment for future generations.   


To provide a continuum of quality education services that promotes lifelong learning for the Eastern Shoshone Tribe to empower tribal members to improve their lives and that of their communities.      

Scope of Work

 The purpose of the Education Program is to provide financial aid to eligible students of the Shoshone Tribe to attend accredited post-secondary institutions which will enable them to meet their educational goals, develop leadership and increase employment opportunities in professional fields that are needed by the tribe including accounting, natural resources, healthcare, engineering and related fields.   The Education Office can provide counseling, applications and processing of
requests for financial aid to those students who are preparing for higher education. Some reference materials on schools, financial aid and scholarship sources are available at the
Education Office others can be obtained online. The Education Office will aid students
in exploring every possible resource to offset costs of tuition and other expenses.